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Sarkari Result gives you all Sarkari job announcements. Here you can search for govt jobs based on your qualifications and job location. CAT is a pc based complete check for admission to graduate manipulation programs. The take look consists of 3 sections: Verbal Ability – Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability. The examination is taken online for over three hours, with one hour consistent with the section. In 2020, because of the COVID precautions, The Indian Institutes of Management Indore determined to conduct the CAT Exam in 2 hours with forty mins committed to each segment.

CAT Exam

CAT check” redirects right here. Not to be stressed with Computerized Achievement Levels Test.
Common Admission Test
Acronym CAT
Type Computer-based standardized test
Developer/administrator Indian Institutes of Management
Knowledge/abilities examined Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension
Purpose Admission to position up-graduate management programs
Duration 2 hours
Score/grade variety varies each year
Score/grade validity 1 365 days
Offered Once three hundred sixty-five days (usually in November/December).
Countries/areas one hundred+ town and towns all through India.
Languages English
Annual substantial type of test takers Increased by 222,184 (CAT 2022)
Prerequisites/eligibility standards Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a minimum 50 % marks or equal GPA. Final three hundred and sixty-five days, undergraduate university students are also eligible
Fee ₹2, three hundred (US$29) for all special applicants.[1]
₹1,100 fifty (US$14) for SC/ST/PWD elegance applicants
Scores/grades utilized by Various commercial enterprise colleges in India CAT Exam Analysis 2022

CAT is a pc based complete check for admission to graduate manipulation programs. The take look consists of 3 sections: Verbal Ability – Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability. The examination is taken online for over three hours, with one hour consistent with the section. In 2020, because of the COVID precautions, The Indian Institutes of Management Indore determined to conduct the CAT Exam in 2 hours with forty mins committed to each segment. The Indian Institutes of Management commenced this exam and used the take a look at choosing students for her business company management packages (MBA or PGDM). The take look is done each 12 months via one of the Indian Institutes of Managements, primarily based on a rotation policy.

In August 2011, it grew to be added that the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) ought to additionally use the CAT scores in the vicinity of the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) to select college students for his or her manage programs beginning with the 2012-15 batch.[4]

Before 2009, CAT turned into a paper-based, totally completely take a look at finishing on an unmarried day for all candidates. The pattern, kind of questions, and period have huge visible variations over time.

On May 1, 2009, it changed into bringing that CAT might be a Computer Based Test starting from 2009. The American company Prometric changed into entrusted with the obligation of assigning the test from 2009 to 2013.[5] The first laptop, primarily based completely on CAT modified into marred with technical snags.[6] The difficulty was so vital that it introduced the Government of India to search out a file from the convenor.[7] The problem was diagnosed as ‘Conficker’ and ‘W32 Nimda’, the two viruses that attacked the machine shows they took a look at, causing the server gradually go down.[8] From 2014 onward, CAT has been done thru Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). CAT 2015 and CAT 2016 had been hundred 80-minute tests that consisted of 100 questions (34 from Quantitative Ability, 34 from Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, and 32 from Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.[9] CAT 2020 onwards, the examination length has been reduced to two hours, with forty minutes allotted in line with the segment.

CAT Exam Analysis

Eligibility for CAT
The candidate should satisfy the beneath particular requirements:[11]

Hold a bachelor’s degree, with no longer less than 50% or equal CGPA (forty five% for Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Persons with Disability (PWD)/Differently Able (DA) category)
The diploma needs to be granted thru way of any of the faculties consolidated with the aid of way of manner of an act of the important or country statutory frame in India or special instructive organizations constructed up via an act of Parliament or mentioned to be taken into consideration as a university under Section three of the UGC Act, 1956, or personal an equal qualification recognized with the aid of manner of the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.
Competitors appearing for the last three hundred and sixty-five days of the Bachelor’s diploma/equal qualification examination and those who have completed diploma conditions and are watching for results can likewise study. If selected, such candidates can be accredited to enroll in this machine in short, first-class in the event that they present certificates most extremely cutting edge with the useful resource of June 30, 2020, from the primary/registrar of their college/institute (issued on the current June 30, 2020) expressing that the competitor has completed every one of the conditions for obtaining four-12 months or 3-365 days university schooling/same functionality on the date of the problem of the certificate.
Exam pattern
Like all huge-scale checks, the Common Admission Test (CAT) utilizes a couple of forms, or versions, of the test. Hence there are types of scores involved: a raw score and a scaled score.

The raw score is calculated for every segment based on the questions one spoke back efficaciously, incorrectly, or left unattempted. Candidates are given +three factors for each correct answer and -1 element for every incorrect answer. No factors are given for questions that aren’t responded to. The uncooked scores are then adjusted via a way called equating. Equated raw rankings are then located on a commonplace scale or metric to ensure a suitable interpretation of the scores. This method is called scaling CAT Exam Analysis 2022

The alternate within the universal style of questions and massive fashion of questions in line with a segment in cat truly takes area, on a broader attitude there are one hundred amount questions combining each segment. The first actual section this is the verbal capacity and analyzing comprehension includes 34 questions, similarly bifurcating 24 questions of studying comprehension and ten questions of verbal functionality, then the subsequent phase is of data interpretation and logical reasoning, which incorporates 32 questions, and the final segment is of quantitative capability which incorporates 34 questions making it to one hundred questions in trendy, which had a variance because in 2020 because the paper was given trimmed the range of questions.

Analysis OF CAT Exam

CAT is finished in classes.

Test sample and length
CAT actual examination sample modifications every three hundred and sixty-five days. For CAT 2018, a ridicule check grows to be provided.[12]

CAT is a computer-based definitely test that includes three sections:

Verbal and Reading Comprehension
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Ability
The Quantitative Ability and Verbal & Reading Comprehension sections consisted of 34 questions every, even as the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning phase had 32 questions. This distribution of questions has emerged as equal thinking about CAT 2015. Before this, the distribution of questions became top-notch.

CAT examination analysis 2022 for slot 1, slot 2, and slot three have been released on November 27. The ordinary hassle level of all three slots has become moderate. According to CAT 2022, all three slots’ VARC and DILR sections were clean, even as the Quantitative Aptitude segment turned out to be mild. VARC grew to be dominated through RC passages, and Quantitative Aptitude became dominated through Arithmetic and Algebra. The DILR phase has four gadgets of five questions, each in the three slots.

CAT exam evaluation 2022 below incorporates intensive speak of difficulty diploma of the sections, weightage of the topics, test sample, changes if any, wide variety of proper attempts and section CAT lessen offs. Shiksha has shared CAT 2022 examination evaluation through area specialists right here. Check out specific CAT 2022 exam evaluations.

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis: Highlights
CAT 2022 examination no longer witnesses any alternate within the exam pattern or takes a look at the form. It has become identical to closing yr. Check the CAT examination highlights beneath:

IIM Bangalore prepared a more hard query paper in evaluation to special IIMs
The length of CAT 2022 grew to one hundred twenty minutes, and the sectional time limit changed to 40 minutes.
The trendy huge form of questions in the CAT 2022 query paper has ended up with 66
The VARC segment had 24 questions. The segment had maximum questions from RC.
The DILR segment had 20 questions from tables and charts
QA section had 22 questions ruled thru Arithmetic and Algebra
VARC section changed into easy to mild
DILR and QA sections had been as standard, moderate in phrases of the trouble degree CAT Exam Analysis 2022
Expected variety of accurate tries: an average uncooked score of 98 to ninety-nine can fetch a 99p.Cile in CAT 2022.

CAT 2020 dilr slot 1

The university students walked into the CAT examination these 365 days, assuming and hoping that the assignment frame may additionally maintain the pattern of the final year and avoid any useless surprises, and their prayers were spoken back. CAT 2022 Slot 1 had a total of sixty-six questions unfolded through 3 traditional sections. In phrases of pattern, form, and trouble degree, the exam can also have been just like previous CAT assessments with slight versions in issue ranges throughout sections.

Major Highlights:
There have been no primary surprises.
Total kind of questions- sixty-six
Duration: 2 Hours
Difficulty Level: VARC -Moderate, DILR -Difficult, Quant-Easy to moderate
Exam Structure and Pattern:
The paper consisted of three sections: ‘Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, ‘Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning – ‘Quantitative Aptitude, ‘with 24, 20, and 22 questions, respectively. The order of the sections becomes regular, with a sectional time restriction of forty minutes.

Verbal Ability Review: In phrases of the amount of difficulty, the verbal segment may be categorized as moderate. Accuracy may be the critical factor to a notable score.
There have been Four RC passages of medium length of 4 questions each. The damage-up of different questions has ended up Para jumbles- three, Para Summary – three, and a brand new magnificence of questions turn out be brought wherein fill-in-the-blanks were given within the para, and students needed to select out the high-quality-fit sentence to fill them which had two questions. There turned out to be 3 TITA questions from para jumbles. There had been no TITA questions in RC.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: As this section lasted twelve months, the section ended up maximum difficult. There has been an entire of 4 gadgets – 5 questions every. There were no herbal DI Based sets. Blocks were AR based on situations like Hockey Games: Goals & Score, Train: Schedule, Routes, Judges Interviews, Tokens, Venn Diagram based totally: Get-together planning. Very few university college students ought to try greater than two sets CAT Exam Analysis 2022
An attempt of eight-12 questions with real accuracy will fetch ninety-nine. Cile
Quantitative Aptitude Review: The Quant section has become pretty much less hard. Most ordinary subjects like Profit & Loss, TSD, Time & Work, and Alligation have been fairly represented. There changed into one query from Geometry primarily based on trapezium. Nearly four questions were from the Permutation and mixtures and Venn diagrams. The widespread kind of questions from Algebra and mathematics modified into immoderate. Overall the quant segment changed into capability. However, like last year the questions were time-eating irrespective of the reality that the extent of hassle has emerged as not immoderate. The excellent technique has turned out to be to bypass the questions regarded as tough at first glide and pay attention to the clean ones.

CAT 2020 slot 1 varc

Verbal Ability Review: The verbal segment can be labeled as moderate to difficult in phrases of the amount of trouble. Accuracy could be the crucial component of an excellent rating.
There were Four RC passages of medium length of 4 questions each. The damage-up of different questions emerge as Para jumbles – 3, Para Summary – 3, and fill in the blanks – 2. There was an entire 3 TITA questions from para jumbles. There were no TITA questions in RC.

The huge topics of RC passages were –
Emergence of Music
Engineering – Disconnection with society
Octopus – Colour Change
Philosophy – Social Institutions
Overall a try of sixteen-20 with immoderate accuracy will fetch the 90-nine percentile.
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: As with this segment’s final year, the segment changed into fairly clean. There had been a complete of four gadgets – five questions every. One turned into income and revenue, which changed into Graph Set; each different set grew to be wonderful techniques to center, which modified right into an opportunity-primarily based completely set primarily based totally on warehouse operations and people have been easy in evaluation to the opportunity two devices. Out of the last two gadgets, one has become approximately products divided into three instructions, which became Venn diagram primarily based, and the final set changed into three college students and their go-to clients, which turned out to be Mathematics primarily based completely.

According to the specialists, CAT Exam Analysis is a method for studying the questions’ problem degree. It assists the candidates in realizing the sorts and difficult questions to plan for the imminent examination. If you’re preparing for the upcoming exam, try and undergo the preceding year’s CAT Exam Analysis for better information.

CAT 2022 Slot three Exam Analysis
As per CAT Exam Analysis 2022, the overall trouble degree for slot three was slight. A common of 66 questions have been asked, which have been divided into three sections: VARC (24 questions), DILR (20 questions), and QA (22 questions).

As in line with CAT 2022 Analysis, the VARC is moderate. The RC passages are clean because the options are a little tricky. RC passages are requested from the below subjects CAT Exam Analysis 2022
History – Tricky
Biology & Tech – Moderate
Sociology & Anthropology (Great Migration) – Moderate
Software – Moderate
According to CAT Exam Analysis 2022, the overall trouble level of the DILR section emerge as moderate. A popular 20 questions had been requested (four devices of 5 questions).

CAT 2020 slot 2 dilr

Bar Graph – 5 questions
Matrix and Grid – five questions
Unconventional Games (Number Arrangement) – 5 questions
Venn Diagram – 5 questions
The ordinary problem degree of QA has become moderate, in step with the BYJU’S Exam Prep CAT Exam Analysis 2022. The resource of questions from Arithmetic and Algebra dominated this segment. Que had requested from under subjects:
Arithmetic: eight Questions
Algebra: nine Questions
Number System: 1 Question
Geometry and Mensuration: 3 Questions

Quantitative Aptitude Review: The Quant section becomes hard. Most equal vintage subjects, like TSD, Arithmetic, common, percentage, hobby, and variety gadget, had been fairly represented; they were almost 10 in range but complicated. Geometry questions were 2 of a wide variety and were from Triangles with moderate trouble. Algebra had five questions. Overall the quant segment has become tough. The exceptional approach was to bypass the questions, which seemed tough at the number one pass.
A strive of 13-16 questions with an incredible accuracy diploma will fetch the ninety-nine percentile.

Verbal Ability Review: The verbal phase can be labeled as slight in phrases of the extent of the trouble. Accuracy may be the essential detail to an excellent score.
There were Four RC passages of a medium period of 4 questions every. The harm-up of different questions ends Para jumbles – 3, Para Summary – three, and fill in the blanks – 2. There had been entire 3 TITA questions from para jumbles. There have been no TITA questions in RC.
The excellent subjects of RC passages have been –
Indian Poetry and its effect on oriental university students
Bio-intelligence in body
Machines and nature
American Socialism
Overall a try of 16-20 with high accuracy will fetch ninety nine%ile
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: As with this section’s final year, the section has become fairly clean. There have been a total of four devices – five questions every. One has become primarily based on DI: Bar diagrams on male and lady population and loss of existence costs. The other three devices had been primarily based mostly on AR. AR protected one revolving spherical evaluation of Covid spread price; one became based mostly on electives determined on the resource of way of students and their grades and the ultimate emergence based on direct ratios. DI Set was less tough compared to the opportunity three units. Overall problem degree turned into Moderate-Difficult.
An attempt of eleven-14 questions with real accuracy will fetch ninety-nine. Cile CAT Exam Analysis 2022
Quantitative Aptitude Review: The Quant segment has become tough. Most ordinary subjects like TSD, Arithmetic, not unusual, percent, interest, and range tool were pretty represented; they have been nearly 9 in variety, however complicated. Geometry questions had been 3 in range and from Triangles & Circles with a slight degree of problem. The majority of questions from Algebra and Arithmetic have been prolonged/tricky. Overall the quant segment comes to be hard. The fine technique comes to be to bypass the questions regarded hard at the primary bypass.

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