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JEE Mains Exam is one of India’s hardest tests, requiring determination and a hard attempt to pass. Aspirants begin reading in class 11th, which will carry out well inside the checks. Every yr, kind of ten lakh candidates take the JEE Mains Exam. Every yr, the best two lakh students are eligible for JEE Advanced.

JEE Mains

JEE Mains Exam is one of India’s hardest exams, requiring willpower and a difficult attempt to skip. Aspirants begin reading in class 11th to carry out the tests nicely. Every 12 months, more or less ten lakh candidates take the JEE Mains Exam.

To create their hype. At the twelfth level, there may be no good judgment on the back of this sort of difficult paper of JEE Advanced. NEET/JEE Mains level is best. Our government/ IIT professors and administrators ask college students about school studies and NCERT books. I need to invite them if it is feasible to crack JEE Advanced questions from the simplest school studies and NCERT books. What is using this kind of tough paper? You, as an alternative, compel college students to complete 3–4 books/ DPPs of various coaching institutes, 8–10 hours of studies, and take coaching lessons. In many advanced international locations, they don’t take one of this difficult exams at this degree. Are their students not successful or no longer at par with our IITians? You need to pick out good college students. Even in case, you lower the issue stage, equal students may be selected. The level of the NEET examination is perfect. What do you observe? Good college students are not selected for that exam. Students who are decided on in AIIMS aren’t at par with the students of IITs. You are towards education Institutes and need to sell NCERT books and school research but create a surrounding to flourish them. Only hypocrisy/double standards, not anything else. If you want to decrease the weight of college students, there are many modifications to be finished at this level, and authorities need to severely think about it.

In any opposition, continually top students are selected. By preserving the paper unnecessarily tough, you are simply increasing the stress level of students.

In NEET paper is moderate, which is why most scholars begin their arrangements from elegance 11th. And it’s pleasant. In JEE, seeing the extent of the longevity of paper, 20–30% of students begin their preparation earlier than magnificence eleventh. Do you observe it’s true? I have also advocated starting arrangements from magnificence 9th. However, the variety of aspirants is almost equal.
30–forty% college students circulate to Kota, Hyderabad, Delhi, or a few other towns, and there they may be organized to study for 10–12 hrs. Some very clever college students can’t examine for so long, and I have visible the one’s students who get depressed. Is it proper?
I have been in the subject of writing and teaching for the remaining extra than 25 years. Ideally, I should remedy the paper in 50 min. (For a pupil, time is 60 min for one paper, one concern). But to be very frank, my many other colleagues and I can’t resolve the paper in 50 or maybe 60 minutes. So do you experience this right? Even paper setters can’t remedy that paper in 60 min. Then what do you expect from college students aged 17–19 years?


JEE Mains Exam is one of India’s hardest tests, requiring determination and a hard attempt to pass. Aspirants begin reading in class 11th, which will carry out well inside the checks. Every yr, kind of ten lakh candidates take the JEE Mains Exam. Every yr, the best two lakh students are eligible for JEE Advanced.

Cracking JEE Main is a difficult undertaking. It would possibly take months or maybe years of tough effort and planning. Most applicants start their preparations at least a year earlier, the same time as others begin a month or before the planned exam date.

We are not an easy kingdom because it’s miles an engineering entrance exam. However, it isn’t always as complicated as it seems. Your performance is likewise affected by how much effort and time you invest into training.

JEE Main 2023 Study Plan
The goal is to stick to the take a look at time table so long as viable. At least eight hours of examination time every day is viable, yet keeping such high degrees of performance is difficult. The high-quality time to begin the routine might be in the morning instead of staying up past due and studying, which would clearly mess up your education. Use the next seven days to revise and exercise relevant drawings and charts and deal with critical magnificence 12th subjects to appear prominently in the take a look at. Allow the subsequent three days for relaxation to keep away from any anxiousness.

Suppose you feel careworn out because you don’t have enough time to examine; a look at the plan below to help the aspirants prepare for the JEE Main Exam. This will not only offer you beneficial facts, but it will also increase your possibility of passing the exam Is JEE Mains Tough

Is JEE Advanced Tough

How to start guidance for JEE Main 2023?
1. Know your JEE Main Syllabus

2. Know the Exam Pattern of JEE Main 2023 Exam.

Three. Good Preparation Plan

Four. Recommended JEE Main Books

Five. Previous Year Question Paper and JEE Main Mock Test

6. Exam day Guidelines

To skip the JEE Main 2023 exam, one should be proficient in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from grades 11 and 12. The syllabus is created by way of the NTA. This enables college students to devise how they may put together for JEE Main 2023.

JEE Main 2023 Important Topics with Weightage – Subject-Wise
While analyzing the JEE Main 2023 syllabus is crucial, it is also an extraordinary idea to prioritize the areas with the highest weightage in JEE Main 2023. An exam of the preceding 20 years of JEE Main and AIEEE papers reveals the significance of the subjects.

However, maximum JEE aspirants struggle with a commonplace question: “Is JEE Main difficult?” and “Will JEE Main 2023 be less difficult or more difficult than closing yr?”.

Many students suppose that the JEE examination’s trouble degree increases every year. However, it is not actual. Sometimes the problem stage is better, and even once in a while, it is lower than the previous year. And although it is higher, aspirants shouldn’t be scared or panic about the difficulty degree; as a substitute, try to keep on with their universal take-a-look-at routine. The ranks are assigned in step with their relative overall performance. Therefore, how properly you are organized or finished with the exam topics.

However, in terms of dealing with the problem stage of the exam, there are some pointers that you can observe:

Preparation Tips To Crack JEE Main Exams
JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a laptop-primarily based online engineering entrance examination administered via the National Testing Agency to provide admissions to college students willing to pursue undergraduate guides in India from engineering colleges together with IITs, NITs, etc.

Every 12 months, lakhs of students appear for the examination, and only some get certified, even after masses of difficult work and dedication. Ever puzzled why? The cause is none apart from the shortage of an effective have a look at the plan and time control. It doesn’t count how many hours you examine; if you aren’t following the right strategies, you gain prevail. The concept in the back of “Is JEE Main hard?” is none besides the exceptional of your take a look at. Here are some of the JEE Main instruction tips Is JEE Mains Tough

1. Be Aware of the Syllabus
The purpose most students are surprised “Why JEE Main is difficult” is all because of the vastness of the JEE Main syllabus encompassing the Class eleven and 12 subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. But if you segregate the syllabus in line with the respective classes, it will help you cover the most critical chapters first and, past due,r the less important ones. Therefore, it’s miles cautioned that aspirants recognize approximately the syllabus in detail and develop a nicely-prepared have a look at the plan.

how tough is jee advanced

2. Learn to Manage Time Effectively
Once you’ve installed a practical and organized examination plan, the following essential step is to manage it slow efficaciously at some stage in the JEE fundamental guidance. You have to allocate a certain term to every concern or chapter consistent with your instruction degree and try to observe it dedicatedly. Set brief-term goals instead of lengthy periods to hold yourself heading in the right direction and targeted. Effective time management is vital to crack the exam.

3. Solve Last Year’s Question Papers & Mock Tests
If you need to get over the query “is JEE Main difficult,” consciousness on fixing as many previous year question papers and ridicule tests as possible throughout your JEE Main preparations. It will assist you in cleaning up your doubts, beefing up concepts, tools up the general velocity of expertise, and reaching questions. Keep in mind that the forms of questions being requested inside the exams aren’t handiest restricted to an unmarried issue or chapter. Your principles ought to be clear to reply to any query.

Four. Get Hands-on Best Books
Many JEE books are in the marketplace to help you prepare for the examination. However, the handiest trick is that JEE is extra targeted at concept-based learning as opposed to cramming. So, it is counseled to most effectively get the books that are useful, relevant, and aid in your general practice. The fine concept is to study NCERT books to clear your ideas and advantage the right expertise approximately the subject to the center.

Five. Ensure Regular Revision
As the syllabus of JEE is giant, it’s miles advocated to teach a normal revision into your day-by-day habitual, followed via a common study plan. A complete revision will assist you in cleaning your doubts and keeping in mind the standards in the long run. It will even improve your highbrow level, knowledge, and understanding of a subject. Ensure, as a minimum revising every week.

How Tough is JEE Main Exam?
The JEE Main exam is considered one of the most complicated engineering entrance assessments that call for willpower and smart take a look at. Unsurprisingly, college students ask, “How tough is JEE’s Main exam?”

Though JEE Main is a tough examination, it is barely less difficult than JEE Advanced. The best issue that makes JEE Main one of the toughest assessments to crack is the variety of JEE aspirants who seem for the examination every 12 months. Lakhs of students prepare for this front exam, which will increase its trouble degree. However, it isn’t more difficult than NEET as there are fewer candidates to use in comparison to engineering checks Is JEE Mains Tough


Why is JEE Advanced so tough

Therefore, preparing a smart look at the plan and constant exercise is crucial to crack the exam.

Which is Tough JEE Main or Advanced?
Many JEE aspirants ask a not-unusual query: “Is JEE superior to the hardest examination in the global?” However, each JEE Main and Advanced are national-degree examinations, and comparing them; JEE Advanced is lots more difficult than Main.

But when you have your ideas clean in mind and follow a frequent look at the ordinary with utmost revision daily, you can shine in the examination. Recognizing the syllabus in detail and practicing enough question papers on JEE Main is suggested. Remember, the problem degree of the exam depends on one’s coaching.

Summing Up
it’s far critical for the aspirants to know the issue degree of the exam. However, possible presume the difficulty degree of the exam based totally on his/her coaching degree. Instead of panicking about the “Is JEE Main tough?”, it is encouraged to focus on a smart look at the plan and idea-primarily based on getting to know. Not be counted if the examination goes to be clean or complicated; an all-prepared aspirant can shine in each condition.

JEE Main Exam is considered one of India’s hardest tests, requiring perseverance and tough work. Aspirants start preparing from their elegance eleventh so that they might rate properly in the exams. Every year, about ten lacs of students seem for JEE Main. Only two lacks qualify for JEE Advanced yearly. Preparation for IIT JEE requires full effort and a very good mentor who can assist you while you are caught and teach you the right technique to approach the questions. It could help if you had a smart instruction method instead of studying without proper planning. As we’re speaking approximately the sturdiness of the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced examination, it’s critical to include the training outline for students.


Math is one problem that requires both theoretical and problem-fixing capabilities. You should first apprehend the theory and then apply it to solve issues. The only way to master maths and expand better math fluency is through training.

Physics Is JEE Mains Tough

Physics is a topic that calls for in-depth know-how of the concept and making use of it in various scenarios (actual-global) and fixing exceptional mathematical troubles. Develop a clear knowledge of all the center principles.

How Tough is IIT JEE


Chemistry normally involves plenty of reactions, mechanisms, and equations. Furthermore, you must get familiar with and be thorough with all the names, symbols, and diagrams.

Basic Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam
Below We Have Mentioned General Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam.
Spend extra time on areas in which you are susceptible. Practice is the important thing.
Do no longer skip any subject matter.
Make brief notes of formulation, concepts, recommendations, and vital chapters.
Self-compare often as consistent with your consolation.
Have a high-quality attitude and stay inspired.
Stay healthy and match each mentally and bodily and avoid stress.

Have you lately determined to intention for IIT? Well, then, you ought to examine this text before starting your IIT JEE instruction.

Once you embark on the adventure of JEE training, you’ll be bombarded with diverse myths that misguide you and even lessen your possibility of cracking the exams. Hence, being informed and staying far away from such misconceptions is constantly fine.

Here is a listing of 11 myths you need to struggle with and win to stay centered during your coaching.
1. JEE Exams Are Too Hard to Crack for an Average Student
There’s absolute confidence that IIT JEE is a hard nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. If you positioned your best foot forward, irrespective of your reputation as a median student, you’d get via the examination. You can be amazed to realize that no longer all IITians were brilliant students who should remedy every JEE question in seconds. There had been many that labored difficult, deliberated properly, and practiced immensely to ace the exam. Follow that direction, and you may additionally gain success.

2. Study Hours Are Directly Proportional to the Success Rate
Yes, you want to move the more mile to ace IIT JEE. However, that does not mean you must exhaust yourself by studying continuously for long hours. Everyone has a distinct academic caliber. While a few can prepare a chapter in only an hour, others could take a day to get a great preserve of a comparable topic. 100% focus is what matters, and that isn’t possible if you evaluate the take a look at hours with an achievement charge.

3. Dedicated Studying, Even During the Last Few Months, is Enough
No, it’s not now. Instead, the earlier you start your practice, the better it’s far. More time allows you to dedicate enough time to every subject matter and be involved in rigorous exercise. Even if you are an extremely good gifted scholar, wondering if you can crack IIT JEE with the aid of preparing over the last month is extra of a gamble. You should not forget that fulfillment hardly comes using threats, and dreams do not depend on success. They need to be built upon hard paintings, perseverance, and clever making plans.

4. Moving to Kota is The Only Option Is JEE Mains Tough
We all understand that Kota is the hub of coaching classes for competitive assessments like JEE. We also offer JEE coaching in Kota, but it isn’t the most effective choice to crack JEE. Many students studied in far-off areas of the united states of America and nevertheless accomplished astonishing ranks. They deliberate nicely, took guidance from e-learning applications, focused on the basics, and practiced a lot. You can also choose our online coaching instructions for JEE through Aakash Live or Aakash iTutor if you can’t soak up JEE education in Kota.

Why JEE Mains is tough

Five. More Books Means Better Marks
If you follow this rule, you’ll emerge as burdened and stressed. Rather be aware of the primary principles and solve as many mock checks and practice papers as possible. If you pick out our JEE courses, you will get a special look at a module covering all the topics you want to prepare for the checks. Besides that, cognizance of NCERT books, you don’t want to exhaust yourself with many books.

6. Boards Preparation is the Same as JEE
This is any other fantasy. You need to prepare for both otherwise. Many college students fall into this trap and grow to be underperforming in both. Hence, plan a properly observed agenda and give enough time to each check.

7. Focusing on Stronger Subjects Compensates the Weaker Ones
We all depend on churning out the difficult topics first and engrossing ourselves in excelling at them. Doing this, we tend to focus less on weaker topics, and that is where we grow to be ignoring some critical subjects to be able to show up in the checks. Call it terrible good fortune or your ignorance; such matters can affect your normal overall performance. So, instead of leaving topics untouched, try to cover them all and take steering from our skilled faculty to put them together properly.

Eight. JEE Exams Can Ask You About Anything
Wrong; JEE has a hard and fast syllabus. Carefully examine the syllabus and recognition of the basic standards. If you go through previous years’ papers, you may locate that there may be a similar sample that goes on for years. All you want to do is pay interest, prepare nicely, and complete the syllabus while maintaining some time for revision. Once you’ve accomplished all this, IIT JEE is not some distance.

Nine. Studying at Night is the Right Strategy
It is ok to study overdue at night occasionally; however, make it a habit. It will best leave you worn out and fatigued. This, in flip, will affect your concentration, similarly leading to awful academic performance. Hence, offering your mind and frame sufficient time to rejuvenate and stay wholesome and energetic is critical.

10. You Need to Give Up your Social Life to Stay Focused
Many people assume that while you prepare for JEE, you want to live away from your social life to live centered. Well, that is but some other fable. As stated in advance, a greater look at hours will best make you dull and tired. You want to take breaks and indulge in laugh activities to stay inspired toward your guidance. So, do no longer limit yourself from watching your favored TV Show or going out with buddies; as a substitute, deal with your thoughts with glad matters to live prompted.

Eleven. There Are Shortcuts to Crack IIT JEE Is JEE Mains Tough
Unfortunately, this is additionally a delusion. So, the subsequent time you spot an e-book that says, “Crack JEE in 10 Days”, remember it’s a comic story. Instead of falling for those traps, commit it slow to proper coaching and exercise hard.

Myths have been busted, and it’s time to start afresh with your JEE practice. Just comply with a nicely deliberate take a look at the timetable, cowl all the topics, and don’t simply practice tough; play difficult as properly to obtain a balance to your lifestyles. All the satisfactory!

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