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Sarkari Result gives you all Sarkari job announcements. Here you can search for govt jobs based on your qualifications and job location.  The Master of Arts subjects like literature, records, splendid arts, psychology, sociology, economy, politics, ethics, novels, and many others. Taught within the course curriculum of The Master of Arts is vital for the postgraduates to increase their understanding of the theoretical and research additives, so one can be helpful for them to get a higher scope in jobs in India and overseas on behalf of their skills. Moreover, a few topics are related to the humanities and humanities syllabus, like language, records, education, writing, precept, philosophy, and so on.

M.A Political Science Syllabus

M.A., Additionally called Master of Arts, is 2 12 monthly put up graduate application supplying specialization in numerous areas and languages, humanities, and many others depending upon the selection of applicants, such as records, geography, historical information, economics, math, sociology, and so forth. 


To use an M.A. path, candidates should have finished 10+2 from a recognized institute with a minimal combination of fifty% or above. Admission to those guides is spent on the concept of front examination similarly to benefit. Some top front exams are BHU PET, JNU EE, PU CET, and so on.


The syllabus of an M.A. varies in every specialization and varies from University to University. The syllabus of the M.A. consists of examination room training, lectures, organization discussions, projects, assignments, and so forth. The path comprises middle subjects and optional issues the candidate can pursue, relying upon their hobby.


M.A. in English is a 2 365 days postgraduate software program comprising middle similar to optionally available subjects. The course covers the subsequent topics, which include British Literature, American Literature, Literature in numerous eras, Literature Theory, and so on. Below referred to is the semester realistic syllabus for M.A. in English for your reference


The M.A. Economics syllabus is broken up into center addition to non-obligatory subjects. Candidates must select elective topics from the number one 12 months. This route offers assignment interest in which applicants must conduct substantial studies. Some issues include microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, public economics, developmental economics, etc. Tabulated beneath is the syllabus for the Masters of Arts in Economics for your reference


M.A. in Political Science is a 2 12 monthly application divided into four semesters masking political principles, fundamental analysis, philosophy, ethics, political sociology, and so on. This direction gives middle subjects and includes unique specializations which help similarly improve abilities. The M.A. in Political Science syllabus is mentioned below for your reference.


Theory and Practice of Democracy

Democracy and Human Rights in India

The Modern State in Comparative Perspective

Critical Traditions in Political Theory

Development Process and Politics in India


MA History syllabus is bifurcated into four semesters presenting in-intensity know-how about international records, Indian facts, historical information, modern-day-day India, Indian Government, Politics, and so on. The syllabus for the Master of Arts in History has been mentioned for your reference.


Historical Archaeology in Comparative Perspective 

The Archive and History Historiography within the Modern West 

History, Historiography, and Philosophy of Science 

Gender and Women in Ancient Societies 

Philosophy and Methods of History

MA Sociology Syllabus

MA Sociology syllabus is broken up into four semesters which cover an enormous sort of subjects alongside faith and society, political sociology, sociology of India, Economic Sociology, sociology of improvement, Methods of sociological studies, and plenty of others. Discussed beneath is the syllabus for M.A. Sociology for your reference:


Social Suffering

Politics and Sociology of the Environment

Critical Social Research: Truth, Ethics, and Power

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Data Analysis

MA English Literature Syllabus

MA English Literature is a two-year postgraduate software divided into four semesters. These subjects blanketed in this course are English Novels, English Poetry, English Drama, English prose, and essays. Tabulated underneath is the syllabus for the Master of Arts in English Literature for your reference


M.A. Hindi is a postgraduate utility that makes a specialty of the Hindi Language and its specialization and information on the language. This path affords candidates with a deep know-how of Hindi Literature. Discussed underneath is the syllabus for M.A. Hindi for your reference MA Subjects and Syllabus.


M.A. Economics Subjects

MA Economics is an aggregate of all economic components of society. This direction is an aggregate of subjects like Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Economics, Econometry, Finance, Accounting, and so on. The applicants can pick out numerous other optionally available topics other than obligatory topics.


M.A. Economics Core Subjects


Some of the middle subjects that the candidates ought to compulsorily have a look at our pointed down below for your reference, 



Introductory Mathematical Economics

Economic Development and Policy in India

Introductory Econometrics

Macroeconomic Theory

Markets, Institutions, and Economic Growth

MA Economics Elective topics 


M.A. in Economics Syllabus

There are numerous non-obligatory subjects that the applicants can select in keeping with their specialization and in step with the choice of the candidate. Some of the optionally available topics are given beneath for your reference, 


Environmental Economics

Labor Economics

Topics in Economic and Social History

Industrial Organization

Mathematical Economics

Monetary Theory and Policy.

M.A. Psychology Syllabus

MA Psychology has a significant syllabus and is bifurcated into four semesters presenting in-intensity expertise of persona, psychological conduct, emotions, and lots of others This course consists of lecture room take a look at, mission paintings, assignments, thesis writing, and many others. The syllabus for M.A. Psychology has been discussed for your reference:


M.A. Geography is a two twelve months postgraduate software program divided into four semesters focused on providing specialization in various regions: agricultural professionals, cartographers, demographers, and so forth. Discussed underneath is the syllabus for M.A. Geography for your reference


M.A. Education is a two-12-month postgraduate software offering courses in coaching and training. This course affords an entire look at cultural, sociological, and political factors of education. The syllabus for the Master of Arts in Education has been discussed below for your reference.


India is home to extra than 5700 MA faculties. 38% of the schools are authorities at the same time as the relaxation are non-public and deemed faculties. The pinnacle-ranking faculties for M.A. in India are Lady Shri Ram College, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and many others. The not unusual course price stages among INR 5000 – 45000


The MA Subjects range from institute to institute. The MA topics align with the two-yr direction that is similarly divided into four semesters. The applicants interested in pursuing this course have to have excellent information about the M.A. Syllabus. M.A. Subjects in 1st twelve months encompass the topics like Literature in English: 1550-1660 (Part-I), Literature in English: 1660-1798 (Part-I), and many others.


Further, various specializations can be supplied in the M.A. path, including English, Political Science, and so on. The MA Subjects in English encompass English novels, Irish Literature, English Drama, Canadian Literature, and many others. Additionally, the M.A. Subjects of Political Science contain Contemporary Political Theory, Political Thinking Since Marx, Research Methodology, Comparative Politics, and so on. To realize greater about M.A. Syllabus, read the whole article below.


The MA Subjects are on the premise of the two-year route.

M.A. Subjects depend upon superb specializations like Political Science, English, and so forth MA Subjects and Syllabus.

The MA Subjects include subjects like International Politics, Post-Cold War International Relations, Politics in India, and many others.

There are non-compulsory and center subjects in the M.A. Subjects. Furthermore, the non-compulsory topics varied in step with the only-of-a-type institutes.

The MA topics are supplied in far-flung institutes like IGNOU and DU SOL.

The MA Subjects in IGNOU encompass the topics like a Masters’s Degree Programme in Social Work, a Master of Computer Applications, a Master of Commerce, and plenty of others.


Master of Arts course is divided into particular specializations. A Master of Arts direction syllabus imparts unique theoretical know-how in the problematic regions to scholars on social research, management, language, psychology, politics, etc. The master of Arts process scope is massive, relying on the specialization selected by the pupil, ranging from content material strategist to historian in every private and public sector.

M.A. in History Syllabus

Semester Wise, Master of Arts Syllabus

Master of Arts Subjects and Syllabus, like a few different educational diplomas, educate university students in lecture rooms thru principle and realistic lectures, internships, research projects, and assignments, among other things. The Master of Arts path is a various direction that includes middle subjects which might be compulsory in every specialization and plenty of non-obligatory publications that a scholar has a choice.


Master of Arts Subjects and Syllabus is semester-practical, and the path curriculum accommodates four additives: foundation, center, electives, and research projects. The syllabus for the Master of Arts is in keeping with the specialization.


The Master of Arts subjects like literature, records, splendid arts, psychology, sociology, economy, politics, ethics, novels, and many others. Taught within the course curriculum of The Master of Arts is vital for the postgraduates to increase their understanding of the theoretical and research additives, so one can be helpful for them to get a higher scope in jobs in India and overseas on behalf of their skills. Moreover, a few topics are related to the humanities and humanities syllabus, like language, records, education, writing, precept, philosophy, and so on.


 Master of Arts syllabus and the course is mounted into classes, mainly middle and optional subjects. The route for curriculum has been divided into many specializations, which have issues that incorporate the creation of arts and humanities ( language, political, technological know-how, writing, economics, philosophy, media, drama) MA Subjects and Syllabus.


The Master of Arts degree curriculum includes several education strategies and techniques that assist students in recognizing multiple subjects taught in their lessons. Some of the exquisite education methodologies and procedures followed in the route curriculum of The Master of Arts diploma course are as follows.


Live Demo Sessions

The emphasis on Practical and Theoretical Learning

Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshop

Group Assignment and Discussion

Learning thru Industrial Visit

Research & Development


Project Topics for the M.A. is a tremendously helpful resource for university children from arts and humanities backgrounds and researchers (Ph.D./MS) searching to complete ground-breaking research and take a doctorate software ahead. The university students can take Master of Arts venture subjects based on their specialization’s subjects and syllabus, motivating them to broaden extra information to complete the undertaking work. Some of the first-rate mission topics for Master of Arts


Best books for Master of Arts assist college students in recognizing several topics and topics included in the course curriculum. The Master of Arts [MA] reference books help undergraduates expand their understanding and imagination and prescient approximately a couple of subjects included in their classes


M.A. Sociology Syllabus

Master of Arts in Education is an ONLYPost-Graduate path whose length is typically years with four semesters. The period and semester machine may also vary in keeping with the norms and policies of the institute. Master of Arts in Education applications are accessible in each every day and correspondence codecs. An applicant is expected to complete the direction in not less than years, but this varies from company to University.


The Master of Arts in Education is mostly a theoretical observation specializing in the essential concept and workout of tutorial mind and strategies amassed within the area of education. It includes a chain of simple topics intended to cover the basics of all regions of educational hobby, as well as numerous Advanced Courses (Theoretical or Applied) in parts requiring specialization of 1 kind or some other, followed through the manner of a Research Dissertation. Though the decision is similar, a Master of Arts in Education isn’t always identical to an MEd; everyone is first-rate and has its very very own qualifications, although the direction cloth is nearly the same.


M.A. (Education) Eligibility


Aspiring students must have finished their Bachelor’s diploma in any relevant field, along with same subjects and so forth., from a diagnosed University.

Percentage necessities might also additionally vary from Institute to Institute.

M.A. (Education) Syllabus


Syllabus of Education direction as prescribed by using way of numerous Universities and Colleges.


Master of Arts in Education program is for those who prefer to increase their instructional credentials and benefit from employment promotions from teacher to lecturer and professor after passing positive mandated examinations and tiers.

Candidates who want to start their very personal private faculties are also eligible.

Students must have strong interpersonal and communication skills.


The Master of Arts in Education diploma presents a broader and more thorough draw close of schooling as an area of look at and fulfills a learner’s diverse needs.

It allows for more specialization in superb areas of training.

It prepares experts to take part efficiently in all factors of schooling.

One can hold their schooling by enrolling in a Ph.D. Program.

The Education software addresses the increasing need for instructional planning, teaching, and training specialists on the standard, secondary, and postsecondary tiers.

M.A. Education levels are also wanted in new and developing educational management and management disciplines.


The entire shape of M.A. is Masters of Art. Only those candidates who’ve finished their commencement will be eligible to pursue M.A. within the challenge of their desire MA Subjects and Syllabus.


Some universities or institutions may additionally conduct a front exam to check whether the candidate is eligible to get the right of access to the sure program. To apprehend extra approximately the program, like methods to pursue M.A., THE specializations in the master of arts, eligibility standards in exceptional faculties providing M.A., advantages of following the master of arts, M.A. charges in single-of-a-kind faculties that offer master of arts, syllabus of M.A. and regularly asked questions related to Master of Arts, keep analyzing the item.


Types of Master of Arts

Master of arts is the only postgraduate degree offered to university students who’ve completed graduation in any specialization from a diagnosed university and need to have scored a good percentage of marks. There are several specializations beneath hold close of arts, and students can select one to make a career out of it. Suppose a scholar is interested in choosing a profession based on an overseas language, collectively with Spanish. In that case, they might be capable of choosing a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. After graduating, to bolster the bottom of the career, the student can pursue a grasp of arts in Spanish from a famous college.


MA (Master of Arts) Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for M.A. consists of candidates being graduates with a legitimate percentage of marks and needing to have cleared 10+2. Following are the eligibility standards of a few reputed schools in India:


Jawaharlal Nehru University: The eligibility standards of JNU states that the candidates ought to be a graduate and should have scored at least 50 in step with cent marks in graduation. After which, the applicants will want to appear for Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination


Delhi University: To be eligible for the M.A. program furnished with the valuable resource of D.U., the candidates need to maintain a bachelor’s degree with a good percentage of marks for each specialization, and the candidates need to appear for a front examination finished via Delhi University. Check the table that follows for more data:


Graduation within the language or literature worried with forty% marks.




Graduation in another situation with forty% marks plus three years Advanced Diploma in the respective language of the University of Delhi or an examination recounted equal to it.


M.A./M.Sc./M.Ed. Exam in any problem from the University of Delhi or exam recognized with a minimum 50% marks in the mixture.


M.A. Hindi Syllabus

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Hons) exam (Under 10+2+three) scheme of exam in any venture from the University of Delhi or some different identified University with at least 50% marks in aggregate




B.A.(Pass)/Prog./B.Com. (Pass)/Prog./B.Sc (General)/B.EI.Ed. In any problem from the University of Delhi or from every different identified University with at least fifty five% marks in aggregate


B.A. (Hons.) or B.A. (Advanced or B.Litt. Examination in Bengali/Tamil or an exam diagnosed as equal to it) with a minimum of forty five% marks in combination




B.A. (Pass) or B.Sc or B.Com (P) from Delhi University of an examination identified as equal to it with as a minimum paper in Bengali/Tamil with as a minimum forty five% marks in the mixture and 50% marks in Bengali/Tamil




B.A.(Hons.) Examination in any venture (Arts or Social Science) of the University of Delhi or an exam diagnosed as equivalent to it with a minimum of one paper in Bengali/Tamil as a subsidiary at the graduate level with a minimum forty% marks in combination and forty five% mark in difficulty (Subject to passing eligibility take a look at in Bengali/Tamil to be held by way of using the Department)


B.A. (Hons) Examination of the University of Delhi or an Examination diagnosed as equal to it in Persian with a minimum of 40% marks in mixture MA Subjects and Syllabus.




B.A. (Pass)/B.Com. (Pass)/ (B.Sc.L(Genl.),Fazil-e- Tib O-Jarahat. (BIMS Unani). Examination of the University of Delhi or an Examination diagnosed as equivalent to it, with at least two papers in Persian on the Degree degree examination with at least:


(i) forty% marks in the mixture




(ii) forty% marks inside the combination & forty five%


marks in Persian


There are many methods to pursue M.A. Candidates who are not capable of pursuing an ordinary diploma in master’s can choose to pursue M.A. thru correspondence. The college students who prefer to follow the course ought to check the unique University’s eligibility requirements and observe for the direction (if eligible). Candidates are probably shortlisted or decided directly to the path primarily based on their usual performance in graduation and the front exam 

M.A. in English Literature Syllabus


Check below to realize the numerous strategies that can be used to pursue a master of arts diploma.


Regular College: One of the popular methods to study grasp arts is thru a traditional university. There are several faculties and universities in India that provide the identical. Gargi College of Delhi University gives M.A. in numerous specializations in a regular and full-time manner. Although, the eligibility requirements and expenses may additionally vary for great strategies. Students receive placements properly after finishing the diploma.


Correspondence: People have first-rate names for this study method: open-getting-to-know, equality, and distance schooling. This method is accessible for students who’re juggling diverse matters. Working university college students choose open studying as it permits them to stabilize their education and artwork effectively. The great part of distance schooling is that the students no longer must stop their jobs on the way to pursue M.A.


Evening Colleges: As the decision indicates, these faculties conduct the lessons in the middle of the night. The commands typically start at 6 PM and finish at around 9 to 9:30 PM. This method of studying is helpful for university children who’re operating and who do now not need to forestall their jobs to pursue better schooling. Evening training is beneficial as they come beneath the everyday college elegance.


Master of Arts Specializations

MA is obtainable to college students in numerous specializations to healthy their pastimes. For instance, the students can pick out M.A. records if they’re interested in the equal, or they may pick out philosophy, psychology, or English. M.A. English is the path pursued with the resource of college students who have graduated in the subject of English and want to reinforce themselves to the center in that vicinity. M.A. English is an extensively pursued direction utilizing university students interested in having a career as an English professor, translator, creator, editor, and of kind professions.


Different schools charge excellent costs for M.A. programs. For instance, IGNOU, an open college, costs around INR 6000 annually for the program. Regular schools like St. Xavier’s College may additionally fee up to INR seventy 4,000 for the equal.


Master of arts has numerous specializations, and each domain has its syllabus. The syllabus is created this way, so the students get in-intensity know-how of the particular challenge. Check the syllabus of some famous specializations opted for by college students, like M.A. English, MA History, MA Psychology, and Rural Development MA Subjects and Syllabus.


The earnings provided to college students who have finished their hold close of arts with a specialization can be having profits offered in step with the needs of the specialization area. For example, a Spanish translating organization will have a call for of college college students who recognize Spanish, and college college students who have pursued the same receive high profits. Check the desk for more statistics.

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