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Sarkari Result gives you all Sarkari job announcements. Here you can search for govt jobs based on your qualifications and job location. SRMJEEE is a university-level computer-based (online) test that acts as a common entrance examination for all SRM Group institutes and universities located at Kattankulathur, Ramapuram, NCR – Ghaziabad, Ramapuram Part – Vadapalani, Amravati, Haryana, and Sikkim. Eligibility.


What does SRMJEEE mean?
SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) is performed with the aid of SRM University for admission into Various B. Tech programs presented with the assistance of one-of-a-kind campuses under SRM University.

SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) is university-stage far flung proctored online SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) is a university-degree faraway, proctored online-based Examination performed by using SRMIST every 12 month—based exam carried out by way of SRMIST each yr.

SRMIST has launched the SRMJEEE 2023 eligibility criteria with reliable notification. The candidates are cautioned to examine and follow the eligibility criteria of SRMJEEE 2023 carefully. SRMJEEE eligibility standards 2023 consist of age, qualifying exam, nationality, etc.

Nationality: Candidates need to be residents of India, or Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), and PIO or OCI card holders as issued using the GOI to be eligible for the SRM engineering exam 20233,

Qualifying Exam: Candidates should have a 60 percent or equivalent score in Class 10.

Candidate needs to have scored 60% or equal grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) / Intermediate from any Indian training forums identified by the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE, CISCE, and State Education Boards recognized by using Board of Higher Secondary Education)

A candidate must have scored 60% or equivalent grade in an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree or IB certificates or the University of Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-level with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Class 12 acting students also are eligible to apply. However, applicants should need to rate 60% or equivalent grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Age Limit: Candidates should have attained the age of 16 + on July 31 of the Calendar yr in which they’re performing for 12 Board examinations SRMJEEE 2023.

Direct Admission: The institute gives direct admission and scholarships to Ist rank holders of all Central and State forums in India. The top 1000 rankers in IIT JEE of the district of Tamil Nadu, in every outstanding sportsperson with a National and International degree, can be eligible for direct admission.

Kashmiri Migrants: The applicants who belong to migrants from Kashmir can be eligible for relaxation in SRMJEEE admission.

Admission Criteria: The admission could be primarily based on the assembly, the eligibility situations, and the performance within the qualifying exam, i.e., SRM JEEE / SRMAPET. However, the very last choice can be through the best admission authority.

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus
Physics: Unit 01
Units and Measurement, Mechanics
Units for size, the device of units-SI, essential and derived gadgets, measurements-errors in dimension, considerable figures, dimensions-dimensional evaluation, programs
Laws of movement: Newton’s legal guidelines of motion, pressure and inertia, impulse and momentum, the law of conservation of linear momentum packages, projectile motion, uniform round motion, friction-legal policies of friction, programs, centripetal force
Work, electricity, and electricity: Work, power-capability strength and kinetic power, power, collision-elastic and inelastic collisions

Gravitation, mechanics of solids and fluids
Gravitation: The accepted law of gravitation, acceleration because of gravity-variant of ‘g’ with altitude, range and depth, gravitation capacity, outpace and orbital speed, geostationary satellites, Kepler’s laws of planetary movement
Mechanics of solids and fluids: Solids, elastic behavior, strain-strain, Hooke’s law, moduli of elasticity-relation among them, surface anxiety capillarity-programs, viscosity, Poiseuille’s formula, Stokes’ regulation programs
Mechanics of solids and fluids: Streamline and turbulent flow, Reynolds quantity, Bernoulli’s theorem-programs

SRMJEEE Admission Portal

Electric charge-conservation legal guidelines, Coulomb’s regulation-precept of superposition, non-stop price distribution, electric field-electric powered subject strains, electric dipole-electric powered field because of a dipole, torque on a dipole in uniform electric powered subject, electric powered flux
Gauss’s theorem-subject due to infinitely lengthy direct cord uniformly charged endless aircraft sheet and uniformly set thin spherical shell.
The electric potential-potential difference, equipotential surfaces, electrical ability energy, dielectrics and electric polarization, capacitors and capacitance-mixture of capacitors in the collection and in parallel
Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium, electricity saved in a capacitor

Current electricity
Electric cutting-edge, go-with-the-flow velocity, Ohm’s law-V-I characteristics, electric electricity and power, electrical resistivity and conductivity, carbon resistors, collection and parallel mixtures of resistors, temperature dependence, inner resistance of a cellular
Potential distinction and EMF of a cell, a combination of cells in series and parallel, Kirchhoff’s legal guidelines, applications, Wheatstone bridge, meter bridge, potentiometer, the contrast of EMF of cells, dimension of internal resistance of a cell

Magnetism and Magnetic effects of cutting-edge
Earth’s magnetic discipline and magnetic factors, magnetic discipline because of a magnetic dipole, torque on a magnetic dipole, tangent regulation, tangent galvanometer deflection magnetometer, magnetic houses of a fabric
Dia-, para-, and ferromagnetic materials, applications
Magnetic results of electrical current, Biot Savart’s law, force on a shifting fee in a uniform magnetic subject, moving coil galvanometer, conversion of a galvanometer into voltmeter and ammeter SRMJEEE 2023.

Physics: Unit 06
Electromagnetic induction, alternating currents, and electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic induction, Faraday’s laws, triggered EMF and current, Lenz’s Law, eddy currents, self and mutual induction, alternating currents, height and RMS value of alternating cutting-edge/ voltage, reactance, and impedance, LC oscillations
LCR series circuit, resonance, energy in AC circuits, electricity factor, wattles modern, AC generator and transformer, electromagnetic waves traits, electromagnetic spectrum

Reflection of light, spherical mirrors-reflect components, refraction of mild, general inner reflection optical fibers, refraction at round surfaces, lenses-skinny lens formulation, lens maker’s method, magnification, the electricity of a lens
Combination of skinny lenses in contact, refraction of light through a prism, scattering of light, microscopes, and astronomical telescopes
Wavefront and Huygens’s principle, mirrored image and refraction of plane wave at a plane surface, laws of mirrored image and refraction using Huygens’s principle, interference, Young’s double slit test, and expression for fringe width
Diffraction due to single slit width of crucial maximum, polarization, plane polarised light, Brewster’s law
Physics: Unit 08
Dual nature of radiation and depend, and atomic physics
Dual nature of the radiation, photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, particle nature of light
Matter waves-wave nature of particles, De-Broglie relation, Davisson-Germer experiment, alpha-particle scattering test, Rutherford’s version of the atom, Bohr version, hydrogen spectrum
Physics: Unit 09
Nuclear physics
Nuclear radius, mass, binding power, density, isotopes, mass illness-Bainbridge mass spectrometer, atomic forces neutron discovery, radioactivity, α, β and γ decay-1/2 existence-mean existence, artificial radio pastime, radioisotopes, radiocarbon dating
Radiation dangers
Nuclear fission, nuclear reactor, nuclear fusion, hydrogen bomb, cosmic rays, essential particles
Physics: Unit 10
Electronic devices
Semiconductors, doping-kinds, PN junction diodes, LED, photodiode, solar mobile, and Zener diode-characteristics, Zener diode as a voltage regulator, transistors-transistor traits, amplifier, advantage, feedback in amplifiers
Logic gates-primary good judgment gates, NOT, OR, AND, NOR, NAND, average gates, De Morgan’s theorems


Candidates preparing to seem in the SRM University engineering exam ought to follow the exam education tips to attain an excellent rank. However, making an unusual preparation approach earlier than the Examination is essential for candidates. This helps applicants understand that they’re training in the proper course. Follow the underneath SRMJEEE 2023 training recommendations.

Tip 1- Don’t wait to fill out the exam shape: Many college students wait to fill out the exam shape before beginning their coaching, but this doesn’t seem right. Start instruction as quickly as possible, so you have sufficient time for revision and practice.

Tip 2- Know SRMJEEE Exam Pattern & Syllabus: Know the exam pattern and syllabus of SRMJEEE 2023 and plan.

Tip three- Books to Refer: Selecting the right books to put together for the SRMJEEE exam is crucial. The school textbooks may be top-sufficient for knowledge of the principles. However, here’s a listing of the good books for SRMJEEE2023 education.

Tip 4- Practice SRMJEEE Sample papers: Practice is the important thing. Practice as lots as you can because it will help candidates to understand their spoil concepts, and they will be able to conquer them with time.

Tip five- Revise: Spen some time day by day on revisions. Take time to revise all ideas so that each one of the topics can be covered in SRMJEEE 2023 syllabus earlier than the doorway exam.

SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Pattern
Candidates can check the SRMJEEE 2023 exam pattern from the professional website. Understanding the examination pattern of SRMJEEE 2023 will help applicants strategize their guidance. The SRMJEEE 2023 entrance take a look at could be performed in far-off proctored online mode. The exam duration could be 2 hours 30 minutes.Every correct answer, one mark will be provided, and there could be no negative marking for incorrect solutions. The institute will launch the detailed examination sample of SRMJEEE 2023 for candidates to recognize the unique exam sample, questions requested inside the exam, the exam language, exam period in the exam and mode of Examination, and so forth.

SRMJEEE 2023 Mock Test
The institute releases the mock check of SRMJEEE 2023 on a reliable website. The SRMJEEE mock test 2023 will help applicants become familiar with the type of questions to be asked inside the Examination. By attempting increasingly more SRMJEEE mock tests in 2023, candidates can know the pattern of the query paper, the form of questions requested, difficulty degree, etc.

SRMJEEE 2023 Admit Card
Candidates can be capable of download the admit card from a professional internet site once available. Admit card for SRMJEEE 2023; candidates will log in to the net portal with the use of their login credentials. Candidates will be required to hold a print copy of the hall price ticket along with passport length latest color pics at the exam center on the day of the Examination.

SRMJEEE 2023 Slot Booking
The SRMIST will quickly conduct the SRMJEEE 2023 slot reserving on the professional internet site. The registered candidates may have to finish the SRMJEEE slot reserving technique thru online mode. It will be mandatory to complete the slot booking technique to appear in the exam. The candidates may be capable of seem in the Examination with the slot reserving system. In slot booking, the applicants have to pick out the date and time for the exam consistent with their options. Candidates should pick the slots from the available choice for SRMJEEE 2023 slots SRMJEEE 2023.

How do SRMJEEE 2023 Slot Booking?
Visit a reliable internet site.

Click on the slot booking hyperlink.

Login using a registered electronic mail ID and password.

Select desired date and time.

Confirm the selected exam center.

Submit the form.

SRM University fees

SRMJEEE 2023 Result
The SRM University will quickly declare the result of SRMJEE 2023 on the excellent website. Candidates may be capable of downloading their outcomes using their SRMJEE Login info, login ID, and password. After the announcement of the result, the doorway exam authority will quickly launch the advantage listing based on the rating obtained by the applicants. Candidates might be in a position to test their SRMJEE ranks and scorecard.

SRMJEEE 2023 Cutoff
The cutoff of SRMJEEE 2023 could be launched by the authorities soon. To qualify for the SRMJEEE exam, applicants will qualify for the minimal rank required for admission. The higher ranks candidates could be given priority to get admission in comparison to the ones who’ve lower ranks. However, the SRMJEEE cutoff 2023 might be launched class-clever for all campuses. The SRMJEEE cutoff will encompass beginning and closing ranks for every software presented with the aid of institutes. The government will remember various factors to decide the cutoff of SRMJEEE 2023.

Determining Factors For SRMJEEE Cutoff
Number of applicants performing within the entrance exam

Difficulty degree of the exam

Number of seats available in the institute

Previous year’s cutoff developments

SRMJEEE 2023 Counselling
Mode of Counselling: Offline

After the assertion of the outcomes and ranks, the qualified applicants of SRMJEEE 2023 may be eligible for SRMJEEE 2023 counseling procedure. The applicants will have to practice for counseling registration to take part. The eligible candidates will have to log in to the legitimate portal. Candidates will need to fill in their preferences for colleges and courses as per their preferences. The seats may be allotted according to the rank secured in the SRMJEEE exam. The candidate will have to bring the documents and authentic certificate at the time of admission to the reporting university/institute. Also, the candidate has to pay the costs to verify his seat on campus.

SRMJEEE Counselling Process 2023
To participate in the SRMJEEE 2023 counseling manner, the applicants will need to register for the online counseling of SRMJEEE 2023 on the official internet site. Follow the exact steps given below.

Step 1: Registration and payment of lessons costs – Candidates will log in to the internet site to check-in in and then should fill in their choice of colleges and publications. After counseling registration, pays the lessons charges thru the E-pay facility or via Demand Draft drawn in favor of “SRMIST,” payable at Chennai.

Step 2: Reporting at the allocated institute – Following the price charge, applicants will report to the institute on the noted date and time allocated. The candidates will deliver the vital documents for the verification technique.

Step 3: Allotment of seats – The seats may be allotted to the applicants based totally on their advantage, preference filling, and availability of seats. An allotment letter can be given to the applicants, and candidates will need to pay the ultimate lessons charges earlier than the final date to verify their seats to access the allotted institutSRMJEEE 2023..

SRMJEEE 2023: The SRM Institute of Science and Technology has introduced SRMJEEE 2023 exam dates. SRMJEEE 2023 registration is likewise open. The last date to use for SRMJEEE 2023 phase 1 examination is April sixteen. SRMJEEE 2023 exam may be held in 3 stages and in far-off proctored mode. The segment one exam date is April 21, 22, and 23. The remaining date to apply for SRMJEEE 2023 phase 2 is June five, and the phase 2 exam dates are June 10 and eleven, 2023. Similarly, the remaining date to use for SRMJEEE 2023 section three is July 17, and the examination dates are July 22 and 23. 10+2 surpassed in 2023 / acting in 2023 applicants may be able to observe for SRMJEEE. Know all info concerning SRMJEEE 2023 like a way to apply, eligibility, syllabus, sample, admission method, and more on this page beneath.



SRM Entrance Exam

B. Eligibility to apply for the Qualifying Examination:

A Minimum aggregate rating of 60 % or equivalent grade factor in Class X.
A minimum aggregate score of 60% or equivalent grade point in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) / Intermediate (First and Second 12 months) or from any Indian education board diagnosed by means of the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE, CISCE, and State Education Boards recognized by way of Board of Higher Secondary Education)
A minimum combined score of 60% or equal grade factor in an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree or IB certificate or University of Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-degree with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as obligatory topics.
Students who are appearing for her Class/Standard XII, the very last board examinations within the current instructional year, also are eligible to apply. However, admission is confirmed based on meeting the minimal aggregate rating of 60% or equal grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

SRMJEEE 2023 Slot Booking
Slot booking is carried out one at a time for all three phases. At the time of SRMJEEE slot reserving 2023, students should pick their favored date and timing from the listing of to-be-had options. The alternatives of date and time relying on the examination town entered by means applicants might be displayed in their SRMJEEE application form. To e-book slots, aspirants can be required to log in to the SRMIST’s slot reserving portal with their registered electronic mail ID and password. Remember, SRMJEEE slot booking might be finished on a primary come, first-serve foundation.

SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Day Guidelines

SRMJEEE 2023 exam day tips might be cited on the SRMJEEE admit card. Aspirants’ are counseled to undergo the exam day instructions carefully to keep away from any closing problems.

What to carry on Exam Day: SRMJEEE will be carried out online. Thus, candidates need not deliver any form of stationery to the examination center. They can, however, convey a ballpoint pen for tough work.
Documents required: Aspirants acting for SRMJEEE 2023 need to ensure that they bring their respective admit playing cards to the examination center. Along with the SRMJEEE admit card, aspirants should convey one valid, national/primary authorities-issued picture identification card. The files that may be carried are:
Driving license
Aadhaar card
PAN card
Voter ID
What not to carry to the examination corridor: The following items will now not be allowed in the exam corridor:
Electronic devices
Cell Phones
Calculators and so forth

Step-1: Fill SRMJEEE (UG) Application Form

Aspirants have to fill out the SRMJEEE (UG) utility form online best at the legitimate website of the SRM Institute of Science & Technology. Along with the software shape, candidates also need to put up the SRMJEEE (UG) 2023 software price online mode thru internet banking/credit score card/debit card. Candidates can fill out the utility form offline.

Students may be required to upload scanned photos, signatures, and other necessary files whilst filling out the SRMJEEE 2023 Application Form. Candidates should take the printout of the SRMJEEE 2023 Application Form confirmation web page SRMJEEE 2023.


SRMJEEE(UG) Application Fee

BTech – Online application

INR 1200/-

Step-2: SRMJEEE (UG) Slot reserving

In 2023, aspirants need to e-book a slot for SRMJEEE (UG). Students need to pick out a slot in a manner that no different exam clashes with it. SRMJEEE 2023 slot booking should be accomplished within the scheduled dates.

Step-3: Download SRMJEEE (UG) Admit Card

In 2023, aspirants have to download their SRMJEEE (UG) admit card according to the timetable. The admit card is an obligatory file to appear for the exam and the seat allotment manner.

Step four: Appear for SRMJEEE (UG)

The SRMJEEE 2023 can be conducted in 3 stages through SRM University according to the schedule in the article above. It is a University stage front check carried out thrice a year to offer admission into the BTech Programmes within SRM University and its one-of-a-kind campuses.

Step five: Check SRMJEEE (UG) 2023 Result

The institute will upload SRMJEEE (UG) 2023 results on its authentic internet site. Aspirants qualifying for the entrance exam will then be called for the counseling process. Tentative dates for the result statement for all 3 stages are given in the article above.

Step-6: Appear for SRMJEEE (UG) Counselling

Finally, all shortlisted applicants may be known for the counseling rounds. In the counseling round, all candidates can be allocated seats in their respective guides.

Colleges are accepting SRMJEEE 2023 Score.

SRM Counselling

SRMIST offers 7,000 seats in total across all its campuses and group universities through SRMJEEE. Take a study of the faculties accepting SRMJEEE 2023 ratings.

As referred to above, SRM is unfolded throughout five states in India,

1. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai

2. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Amravathi, AP

3. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram-Chennai campus

Four. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram-Chennai vadapalani campus

5. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Sikkim

6. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ghaziabad, UP

7. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Sonipat, Haryana

Objectives of SRM institute:
· SRM institutes are widely known for retaining top-class infrastructure for college students.

· The laboratories in all of the campuses are properly equipped with the latest technology and objects.

· SRM institute has tie-u.S With massive groups along with Bosch for the reason of educating their college students as well as for placements.

· One of the massive tie-u.S.Of SRM institute is with the TATA group.

· The faculty of SRM could be very skilled, adding blessings to the scholars and management.

· It is a well-known truth that extra than 1 lakh students are presently studying on all the campuses of SRM institutes.

· Students are given all of the ultra-modern observation materials, and colleges are made to be had to remedy the doubts through ordinary in addition to unique lessons.

· Apart from teachers, this institute also makes specialty in the intellectual nicely-being of their students; consequently, they behavior numerous workshops and seminars SRMJEEE 2023.

· The campus gives different facilities to their students, which include air-conditioned libraries and labs, wireless labs, clever classrooms, a hygienic canteen, and so forth.

· Students who study at this institute go directly to come to be successful in their subject, they are taught strength of mind, and technically they are very strong. Students are given greater expertise in the basics. Subsequently, they have a stable foundation of the subject.

· SRM college students are taken to foreign countries for sports and schooling purposes.

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