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Sarkari Result gives you all Sarkari job announcements. Here you can search for govt jobs based on your qualifications and job location. XAT exam is largely based on the practice of mock checks and query papers. But the best numbers of XAT previous yr papers are independent; you need to be aware of the learnings from it. Ask any XAT topper or professional; they will advise solving as a minimum remaining five years’ XAT query papers. Mock assessments, sample papers, and XAT previous 12 months’ papers have a completely enormous effect on XAT exam training. XAT query papers improve time management abilities and boost candidates’ self-assurance.

XAT Previous Year Papers

We at 2IIM Online XAT Coaching have made sizeable efforts to bring XAT 2019 Question Paper, XAT 2018 Question paper, and XAT 2017 Question Paper in a readable, effortlessly available layout for the gain of students intending to nail the XAT Exam. XAT 2017 Que Paper and XAT 2018 Que Paper with targeted Video solutions is available thru this web page. 2019 Que papers with correct solutions. The pupil-friendly model with answers might be made to be had soon. All XAT Previous Year Paper – Questions that can be had could have particular Video Solutions handy through this Page.

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What are the Benefits of Solving XAT Que Papers?
A suitable performance in the XAT exam is largely based on the practice of mock checks and query papers. But the best numbers of XAT previous yr papers are independent; you need to be aware of the learnings from it. Ask any XAT topper or professional; they will advise solving as a minimum remaining five years’ XAT query papers. Mock assessments, sample papers, and XAT previous 12 months’ papers have a completely enormous effect on XAT exam training. XAT query papers improve time management abilities and boost candidates’ self-assurance. Listed below are some blessings of fixing XAT Que papers.

XAT’s previous year’s papers will give the applicants an idea of the questions requested in the exam. They may even realize the weightage of topics, i.E. From which units a maximum of the questions are requested.

XAT has a special section called Decision Making, which examines fabric that is no longer to be had. Thus to prepare for this section, preceding yr XAT query papers are a good source.

Practicing XAT query and pattern papers and taking XAT mock checks will help the candidates improve velocity and accuracy. They may also get to know their energy and weak point, viz. XAT syllabus to study for that reason.

By training XAT pattern papers, candidates could discover hints and shortcuts to remedy questions faster with one hundred percent accuracy.

Suppose a candidate has solved 25-30 XAT mock exams and a series of preceding years’ question papers. In that case, they could be extra assured within the actual examination as they can be acquainted with the question paper and the exam surroundings.

XAT Previous Year Question Papers are to be had here. View and download the pdf of the previous 12 months’ question papers of XAT to prepare for the exam. Students who will seem in Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) can benefit from the beyond-year papers as they assist in understanding the syllabus, examination sample, and difficulty degree. The XAT query papers include real questions asked with solutions, solutions.
XAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers / Sol PDF
You can effortlessly download the XAT previous yr question papers right here. Take the subsequent steps to perform that XAT Question Paper

On a laptop or cellular, search XAT Previous Year Question Papers atlases.
The preceding 12 months’ Xavier Aptitude Test query papers, posted at, will open.
Now click on the XAT Question Papers hyperlink of the applicable yr.
The Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) answer will open the yr sensible query paper with the answer key.
Download the XAT query papers.
Significance of XAT Question Papers
The following are key makes use of question papers of XAT.

XAT Question Paper

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XAT Question Bank: PYQPs have the exact quote of XAT. Hence that is the truest query bank.
XAT Exam Preparation: Students must remedy the past 12 months’ query paper of XAT within the time limit. Best way to prepare for this, Nat. MBA exam.
Gaining expertise: Besides exam instruction, the question papers of the XAT examination are beneficial for growing your learning.
Increase probabilities of admission to MBA, PGDM, and other Management Programs offered in accepting schools – If you diligently put together the XAT-solved papers, you’ll get a better rank. Therefore you have better chances of admission to your MBA, PGDM, and different Management Programs supplied in accepting schools university of preference.

How to Attempt XAT Previous Year Papers?
Solving XAT previous year papers or even XAT mock checks need to be done so you can make first-rate use of them and improve your rating from one take a look at to another. This will help you get a higher score on the actual examination. But ensure you complete the syllabus earlier than solving those papers. Once that is accomplished, allocate a hard and fast time length, once in each 3-four days, to clear up a paper. Solve them like you’ll clear up an actual exam.

As you solve the XAT previous 12 months’ papers, domesticate the following behavior:

1st Step: Start with the phase where you are certainly assured.
Second Step: Read each query carefully. Assess whether or not or no longer you may solve them.
3rd Step: If you’re certain, move beforehand and try the question.
4th Step: If you have yet to learn in any respect, skip the query.
5th Step: If you don’t know but suppose which you can answer, mark it to check later.
Sixth Step: Likewise, try all of the sections.
7th step: Once you’ve got long gone thru all of the questions inside the paper and solved the questions you have been certain approximately, attempt to try the marked question, and then the following stage of questions, and so forth.
8th step:
Keep track of the time spent according to the query.
Answer any query promptly.
At the equal time, do now not move through the years; this is, do no longer spend too much time on any one question.
Once the time is over, forestall the look at and analyze your performance.

XAT Question Paper Practice XAT Question Paper

How to Analyze Your Performance?
After every paper you solve, examine how you’ve finished in detail. Find out the following:

Questions to procure incorrectly
Questions you couldn’t solve no matter attempting
Questions where you spent an excessive amount of time
Practice more questions from the related chapters and subjects.

XAT Previous Year Question Paper

Benefits of Solving XAT Previous Year Papers
There are many blessings to fixing XAT preceding yr papers. These are as under:

You will get a concept of approximately the nature of the questions asked in XAT – the kind of questions and their issue level. You will get used to those types of questions.
You will understand which subjects have been asked often. You can then pay more attention greater on those topics and grasp them.
XAT Exam Pattern changes very often. Solving the previous year’s papers from 2010 to 2021 will help you understand how the paper has changed. This will assist you in preparing for any form of modifications that may be implemented in XAT.
Solving XAT preceding 12 months’ papers as severely as you’ll take the exam will build your self-belief, stamina, and cognizance.
You will know precisely where your status is and whether or not you may crack the real exam.
You will perceive the precise concepts and topics wherein you’re dropping out marks. You can then work, therefore, to enhance those regions.
Your time control skills and usual test-taking method, which are essential to score well in XAT, will enhance remarkably, supplied you put conscious effort into improving them as you solve XAT previous year’s papers.
XAT Section-clever Weightage
Below we’ve tabulated the phase-smart weightage and the problem degree of the XAT exam for 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

XAT Previous Year Papers: The Xavier School of Management will behave on January 08, 2023. Candidates planning to seem for the examination must have commenced their coaching. If not, they need to begin now. They should start by studying from the first-class books and then move on to clear up XAT preceding yr’s query papers.

XAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions XAT Question Paper
XAT’s previous 12 months’ paper PDFs from 2010 to 2021 may be downloaded without spending a dime from the desk beneath. Just click the link and download XAT’s previous yr papers in PDF. Solve them as soon as you finish the XAT syllabus and take your education to the following degree.

XAT preceding yr question papers are of great assistance in exam coaching. Candidates preparing for XAT 2023 ought to exercise questions and subjects from preceding years’ question papers to better manage the important topics. Practicing official question papers for the XAT examination has many benefits, the essential being practical reveal in the real exam and expertise in the requested questions. Now that the XAT 2023 exam is much less than a month away, it is time to practice the legitimate XAT question papers.

XAT Past Year Papers

XAT previous yr papers are available online alongside answer keys, as the exam conducting institute XLRI, Jamshedpur, releases the question paper every 12 months along with solution keys. Shiksha has collated authentic XAT question papers of the ultimate ten years for aspirants. They can download those XAT question papers from 2010 to 2021 right here.


Benefits of Practicing XAT Previous Year Papers/Sample Papers
Practicing sample questions is a great way to put it together for any front examination. For XAT 2023, more than practicing mock, taking a look at the collection is required. Candidates should clear up XAT preceding yr question papers of at least five years to know the trendy fashion of the exam and questions. It will help them in know-how the XAT examination sample and marking scheme and assist them in knowing how to address one-of-a-kind questions. Below are a few blessings of practicing XAT’s previous 12 months’ papers and patterns. Take a look at the following:

Solving professional XAT query papers will help aspirants familiarise themselves with the pattern of the exam and staining scheme.
XAT’s previous 12 months’ papers will help applicants figure out the sorts of questions requested in previous exams and, consequently, assess what sort of questions could be asked in the imminent exam.
It will help applicants determine the weightage given to each subject matter of the XAT syllabus within the examination.
It will assist aspirants in discovering hints and shortcuts to resolve questions faster with a hundred in keeping with cent accuracy.
Practicing XAT preceding 12 months’ papers in time certain way will assist applicants in improving their speed, accuracy, and time control abilities.
The XAT pattern papers will combine candidates for all sorts of questions – difficult, smooth, lengthy, intricate, calculation-based, and so on.
Prepare with XAT previous yr papers 2021-2010 & coaching guides. Get XAT topper suggestions & expert advice.

Download Here XAT Question Paper
XAT Question Paper and Marking Scheme
XAT query paper includes MCQs from Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, and General Knowledge. A maximum number of questions are asked from Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, and the least wide variety of questions are asked from Decision Making.

XAT Sample Paper

Since there may be no sectional time limit in the XAT exam, the applicants can choose the order of answering the questions. One hundred MCQs are to be solved in three hours.

XAT Question Paper Highlights
XAT question paper is divided into two parts
Part 1 of the XAT question paper includes Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation.
Part 2 of the XAT question paper consists of General Knowledge and Essay Writing.
XAT used to have an Essay Writing segment (clubbed with GK in element 2). It was scrapped in 2019.
XAT Essay Writing was reintroduced in 2022; however, it isn’t evaluated in calculating the XAT rating. It is evaluated at the time of PI shortlisting.
The decision-Making segment is all about analytical and logical reasoning. The questions are based on situational passages on business ethics and selection.
XAT’s Reading Comprehension (RC) section usually includes four passages and one poem. The RC questions are inference based totally.

When to Start Practicing XAT Previous Year Question Papers and Sample Papers?
After completing the syllabus, the quality time to begin training XAT preceding 12 months papers, pattern papers, and ridicule, take a look at the collection. Since the XAT 2023 examination will probably be held on January eight, the aspirants must entire their XAT syllabus by October and devote November and December to fixing query papers and ridicule checks.

XAT Mock Test will assist you in getting an idea of approximately the sort of questions requested, the examination sample, and the marking scheme. After taking the test, you can look at your rating immediately. You can also download the Question Paper with answers and explanations for Free.

it’s now not always the amount of time you spend at exercise that counts; it is what you put into the exercise.” ~Eric Lindros
So, after you are thorough with the critical topics of the XAT exam, you should begin practicing its version tests/ sample papers. Here, you can access the XAT sample paper primarily based on the contemporary exam sample and predicted query kinds.
XAT 2022 XAT Question Paper
XAT, one of the most competitive MBA entrance tests, is conducted through Xavier Labour Relation Institute (XLRI). This all-India check is conducted to select college students for pinnacle management programs. Said to be the second one-biggest MBA front test, XAT ratings are standard for MBA/PGDM publications supplied through 11 member institutes and one hundred fifty+ associate institutes.
XAT 2022 is to be held in January. Solving XAT sample papers will give you a deeper understanding of its examination sample and issue degree.


It is extraordinarily important to thoroughly look at the test evaluation after looking at it. Even if you get an excellent rating in mock exams, your guidance is complete once you analyze your overall performance well. Test evaluation allows you to figure out your susceptible and strong regions and the flaws in your practice method.


XAT Sample papers assist you in increasing a standard strategy for the actual exam. You can decide which questions you must resolve first, which you ought to remedy later, and the ones to avoid. Besides, you discover ways to manipulate time properly and set section-sensible limits for yourself. All those minor matters substantially affect your universal and sectional percentile.

Practicing sample papers propels you to enhance overall performance, ensuing in a growing score graph.


XAT Question Paper

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